7 Reasons Why You Should Go Natural With Your Hair!

Mother nature can be very tricky sometimes. It blesses you in unexpected ways. Sometimes incomprehensible and sometimes very confusing. And to play along, you just have to accept every feature you have. From head to toe.  I was born with naturally curly hair ( thank you Dad). And for as long as I can remember. I have always struggled to love it. Well, not anymore… I now love my natural hair, my curly hair!

You see,

Living in a society where beauty standards are already set for you is pretty hard. Especially when it comes to loving the way you look. 

It takes time and patience.

We’ve been taught that our ticket to fit in was to change the way we look. In this case, we had to not love our natural hair and curly hair! We had to have straight hair. And thank God we had all the tools to do so.  From relaxers that burn your scalp to death as well as straighteners that ruin your hair texture, we really were lucky.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not saying that straight hair should be banned. I just think that it is a shame to consider having curly hair as a curse. Because it is truly a blessing. 

It took me a long time to realize it. But once I did. My life changed completely.

And in hoping to change yours!

Here are 7 MAIN reasons why you should definitely go natural with your hair!

 1. It is truly liberating!

Going natural is not easy. It is a long process that can extend to many months or many years. This process -sometimes- requires major changes ( yes I’m talking about the Big Chop). But once you do, you feel free as if someone had been holding you hostage and you found your way to escape. 

And that my friend is A M A Z I N G.  

White girl with curly hair surounded by flowers

 2.  Empowerment at its finest!

When you FINALLY get yourself together and decide to embrace those curls of yours, you will be reaching a level of self-acceptance that will empower the HELL out of you and also empower others.

 3.  You can be a new person every day.

The number of hairstyles that exist for natural hair is higher than the number of times I had a mental breakdown. And let me tell you something. It happens a lot. So why bother yourself being basic while wearing your straight hair down when you can try a new hairstyle every day. From The double buns to the headscarf mohawk curls to the messy buns?!

Who wants to look the same every day?                

The new year new me slang will turn into a new day new me! 

jsmine brown brown with hair up in messy bun

Oh, and did I tell you that died curly hair looks stunning?

Girl with curly turquoise hair

4. Embrace your culture.

A big majority of people that decide to go natural come from African backgrounds

Hair has always been a symbol of beauty. But during the past century up until today. It has become a symbol of revolution as well as a symbol of power for the black community. So wearing your hair natural not only means that you accept yourself as you are but also that you embrace your cultural background and are proud to show it. 

5. The more natural it is, the healthier you are.

Relaxers and other straightening products contain chemicals that not only are hard to pronounce but also are dangerous for your health.

  Risks of Hair loss, burned skin and scalp, and eye infections as well, get higher when these products are used on a regular basis.          

I mean come on, do you really want to go down that road again?

 6. You will bond with new people.

There is this weird connection between natural haired people. You sometimes instantly bond with someone just because they got the same conditioner as you. I actually met my best friend at the grocery store. She had this pixie curly haircut. I asked her if she knew any hair salons that specialize in curly hair. We’ve been friends for 10 years now.

Who needs social media?

7. You will inspire the people around you.

Some of the women I know have never considered the option of going natural. They never were proud of the way their hair looked. But when I decided to go natural. And saw how I evolved as a woman as well as how confident I have become. It was like a miracle. I was to them, the little push they needed to finally open their eyes. And now not only they embraced their natural hair but their daughters are growing up knowing that their hair is beautiful the way it is.

Don’t you want to inspire?

I think by now you have already made up your mind about going natural.

What are you waiting for?

I mean, don’t you just love your natural hair?!

Think curly! Think natural!


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